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Community Hearing Care Is One Of Our Priorities

Hearing loss and hearing-related challenges are on the rise across the globe, according to WHO statistics, which predict that nearly 2.5 billion people will experience some degree of hearing loss and at least 700 million will require hearing rehabilitation by 2050. Also included in those figures are more than 1 billion young adults at risk of developing permanent hearing loss due to unsafe listening practices.

The threat of hearing loss for the individuals in our community motivates Flex Audiology to raise awareness of the risks of ignoring this growing problem in Lawrenceburg, IN, Harrison, OH and the surrounding communities. In addition to educating our community, we encourage early preventative measures and early detection by offering hearing assessments throughout the community.

Hearing Aid Donations & Refurbishing

If you have old hearing aids that don’t work for your level of hearing loss, perhaps they could work for someone else. Flex Audiology has the capability to take old but still functioning hearing aids and refurbish them. They can then be donated to those that couldn’t previously access the hearing aid technology they need.

Hearing loss challenges can affect anyone, no matter their age range or budget. We work hard to advocate awareness about hearing loss and hearing care’s benefits, which means that we need to do our part to make sure everyone can access the hearing care that they need most.

Ways We Help Support The Community

Community Hearing Education

Our educational programs provide valuable information about hearing loss and prevention to the general public and health care professionals. We stress the importance of better hearing for your physical, cognitive, and emotional health, as well as allowing you to live a more active, independent, and rewarding lifestyle.

Flex Audiology has professional audiologists available for speaking engagements at schools, social clubs, health fairs, and any public or private event of any size. Our goal is to educate as many individuals as possible in our community regarding the value of better hearing for a better quality of life.

As part of our approach to educating our community about the importance of better hearing, we offer:

An introduction to hearing health, brain wellness, and hearing care treatment for couples or groups.
Hearing screenings for groups and organizations.
Training seminars for health professionals to help clients access high-quality hearing care.
Hearing care counseling, coaching, and literature available on request.

Community Hearing Services

Besides raising awareness about hearing loss and the benefits of professional hearing care, we make it possible for individuals to have their hearing tested in a variety of settings. Screenings at schools and health fairs are common practices in most communities, but we take things a bit further in order to reach as many people as possible.

Our employer hearing screenings are an opportunity for employers to provide an important health benefit to their employees. Flex Audiology also conducts hearing care visits and hearing evaluations in nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the area.

There’s More To Hearing Care Than Hearing Aids

The timely treatment of hearing challenges leads to better overall health. Aural rehabilitation through the use of hearing aids improves cognitive function, while those who leave their hearing loss untreated are five times more likely to develop dementia. Consequently, protecting and maintaining your hearing is a critical element in continuing to live an active and independent lifestyle.

Where hearing aids can be one of the pieces of the hearing care puzzle, better hearing also requires access to the full range of treatment options that meet the individual hearing needs of our patients. We offer services related to improving balance, tinnitus management, earwax management, hearing aid repair, and counseling and coaching for hearing aid wearers or the parents of our pediatric patients.

Collaboration And Consulting

Another way Flex Audiology promotes better hearing care in our community is through collaboration and consulting with other health care professionals. As experts in all things related to the ears, we are available to assist other doctors and medical care specialists with issues related to vertigo and balance, cognitive issues, depression and anxiety, and other brain wellness challenges related to auditory function.

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