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Custom Ear Molds (Plugs)


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What are custom earmolds

Custom earmolds are made from an ear impression or cast mold of your ear and provide up to 28dB of noise protection. The ear impression is sent off to an earmold lab and normally takes about 2 weeks to get back. They can be made a variety of sizes and colors.

Who would benefit from custom earmolds

Everyone can benefit from custom earmolds! The yellow foam earplugs that are the most common are highly effective as long as they are inserted deep enough. Unfortunately many people do not get them as deeply as they are needed to go to provide the best hearing protection.

Custom earmold styles/types

Hearing protection for hunters: Hunters are in a unique position in that they are exposed to loud impulse sounds, such as the gun shot, but also need to be able to hear their surroundings for safety. Custom hearing protection for hunters are earmolds with a filter that remains open, to be able to hear the environment and surrounding sounds, but then closes when impulse sounds occur, protecting your ears from noise induced hearing loss.

Musicians/concert go-ers: Musicians and concert goers are also exposed to loud sounds and need to protect their ears from potential damage. Musician earmolds are custom fit to your ear and are able to reduce sound evenly, ensuring that music and speech are natural sounding and not muffled. For musicians, these earmold allow the individual to hear their own instrument while remaining protected against louder noise. Musician earplugs are able to reduce sound by either 9, 15, or 25 decibels depending on your need and listening environment.

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