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Earwax Removal


What is Ear Wax and Why Can It Be A Problem

Cerumen, or earwax, is the material that is produced by the glands in the ear to protect our ears from dirt and debris. In some individuals, earwax may build up over time and may cause a blockage. Earwax buildup may lead to difficulty hearing or tinnitus. Flex Audiology can assist you with removal of the earwax through several methods.

Symptoms of Ear Wax Blockage

Patients who have ear wax blockage may report not hearing well, feeling “plugged up” and can also have tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

Evaluation & Treatment Options

Irrigation: The Earigator is Flex Audiology’s preferred method of ear wax removal. This tool uses a calibrated water irrigation to remove liquid, wax, and debris from the ear canal, in a safe and effective manner. It is fast and relatively painless unlike some hand-held water irrigation systems you may have experienced.

Manual method: In this method, your audiologist will use a small tool, called a curette, to remove the earwax. The curette is a long, curved tool that removes earwax through gentle scooping against the ear canal. This is typically performed when wax is not deep in the canal.

Suction: The final tool that may be used for earwax build up is suction. The suction is a small tool that acts much like a vacuum, to remove wax from the ear canal.

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