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Hearing Aid Repairs


Troubleshooting Hearing Aids

Many times hearing aids that come into the office that are “dead” are just clogged and need a good deep cleaning. Flex Audiology has a variety of filters, mic covers, wax guards, and vacuum system to get your hearing aids and up and running again.

Hearing aid is turning on but doesn’t seem like it’s loud enough? After a thorough cleaning, your audiologist will run your hearing aid in a Test Box to ensure it is hitting manufacturer specifications. If it’s not, we will gladly send it into the manufacturer.

Flex Audiology carries receivers, battery doors, canal locks, and earbuds/domes for most of the major manufacturers.

Cosmetic Repairs

Do your hearing aids cause pain or discomfort? Flex Audiology can grind, buff and polish your hearing aids to help eliminate common pressure points that cause pain in your ears.

Cracked shell? Depending on the size of the hole, most cracks, chips and small holes can be repaired in the office while you wait.

Removal line fall off? Flex Audiology staff has been trained to drill and replace removal lines on custom hearing aids.

If we can’t fix your hearing aids in the office, we will send your hearing aid into the manufacturer for a small processing fee.

Pricing For Hearing Aid Repairs

$25 In-warranty repairs established patients
$25 In-warranty repairs for new patients
$150-$300 Out-of-warranty repairs for hearing aids less than 5 years old (Included 1 year extended warranty).
$350-$500 Out-of-warranty repairs for hearing aids greater than 5 years old (Includes 6 month extended warranty).
$150 Hearing Aid Basic Receiver Replacement
$250 Hearing Aid Power Receiver Replacement

Loaner Hearing Aids

If we do send your hearing aid(s) back to the manufacturer, we can provide you with a temporary device until your hearing aids come back. While our loaner hearing aids won’t fit or function as well as your hearing aids, they will get you through until yours are fixed.

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