F – Flexible

Through flexible and transparent pricing options, we can help guide you to pick the best treatment option for your needs.

L – Local Focused

As a proudly independent practice, we only win when you win. With a track-record of helping thousands of local people to achieve better hearing, and operated by a team from within the community, you can have the confidence that you’ll have a hearing care partner for the long-haul.

E – Expertise

As the only ‘Hearing Up’ practice in the area recognized for delivering audiological best practices, and with our founder sitting as the vice president of the Audiology Practice Standards Organization, you have access to a team that not only follows best practice, but sets industry benchmarks.

X – Extra

With an award-winning team of Doctors of Audiology, you’re able to benefit from services such as tinnitus evaluations, pediatric audiology, cochlear implants, swim molds, earwax removal, and custom ear molds, all under one roof.