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Milan, IN was laid out as a railroad town in 1854, 100 years before Milan High School became the smallest school in Indiana to win a state basketball championship, inspiring the 1986 film Hoosiers. Since its beginning, our town has been a great place to raise a family away from the chaos of larger urban centers.

Though basketball remains a popular pastime in Milan, opportunities to enjoy picnics, hiking, cycling, and fishing at Milan Pond and additional watersports and hunting at nearby Versailles State Park in Versailles, IN are plentiful.

Many people who finally seek help for their hearing challenges are surprised by a “bundled” treatment plan that has them paying for “extras” they don’t need or ask for. We don’t catch you by surprise at Flex Audiology, we just deliver the personalized, premium hearing care that meets your specific needs.

Hearing tests, hearing aids, tinnitus management, balance testing, cochlear implants, and pediatric audiology customized to meet your specific needs, along with services like earwax removal, hearing aid repair, and help checking your insurance coverage have been the focus of the advance hearing care we’ve provided individuals in Milan, IN since 2018.

We’ve earned the trust of patients in Milan patients and nearby communities, like Versailles, Dillsboro, Osgood, and Moores Hill by providing the professional hearing care they need without asking them to pay for more. Give Flex Audiology a call or come by our clinic in Lawrenceburg, IN to get started on your “streamlined” journey to better hearing.

Dr. Erica helping a patient with hearing aids adjustment

Extremely professional and very thorough.

Dr. Person took the needed time to explain all of the exam, options, costs, next steps, etc. Accessible and willing to work with me. Would highly recommend!

Chris R.



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Different Ways We Can Help

A young girl having hearing assessment in a sound booth at Flex Audiology

When Was Your Last Hearing Assessment?

Our typical health maintenance priorities tend to include regular dental checkups, eye tests, and an annual physical, but few of us commit to regular hearing tests. However, since hearing loss is the third most common health condition addressed by doctors, impacting 1 in 8 individuals, maybe it’s time to take hearing more seriously.

By identifying hearing loss in its early stages, we’re able to take smart, preventive measures to maximize your long-term hearing health. A hearing evaluation is quick, easy, non-invasive, and you get the results as soon as you finish testing rather than waiting on lab results, allowing our audiologists to identify the type and severity of your hearing loss, program your hearing aids to address your specific needs and evaluate the success of treatment.


Hearing Aid Technology Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Just like your smartphone, the digital technology used in today’s hearing aids is far superior to the analogue technology used in those bulky, frustrating devices your parents or grandparents wore. In addition to being smaller, lighter, and more discrete, advanced technology hearing aids feature powerful processing capable of enhancing sound clarity while decreasing background noise as well as rechargeable batteries and much more.

To provide a solution rather than making things worse, your hearing device must address your unique type and severity of hearing loss while taking into account your personal needs. A swelling market for over-the-counter devices adds to the confusion associated with finding the right hearing aid.

Your best hope for finding the right device in a sea of manufacturers, styles, and levels of technology is to partner with an experienced team of hearing aids specialists able to provide you with a personalized solution.

Hearing aid styles offered at Flex Audiology
Dr. Erica Person conducting a pediatric hearing test

Maintain Healthy Ears with Professional Earwax Removal

Even though earwax can be a hassle to deal with at times, it plays an important role in providing moisture, removing dirt, debris, bacteria, fungus, or foreign objects from your ear canal, and warding off infections to keep your ears healthy.

Keeping your ears healthy involves a balanced approach to dealing with earwax. Too little earwax may lead to itching, irritation, and infection, while too much can cause stuffiness, muffled hearing, earaches, or a hearing aid malfunction.

Rather than risk damage to your ear canal and eardrum or impacting the wax, making things worse, the safest, most effective way to deal with earwax is to allow a professional with access to specialized equipment, techniques, and expertise to remove it for you.


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