Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone’s rich 80-year history as America’s original hearing aid manufacturer of high quality and innovative hearing devices is well known to many. Beltone continues to be an industry leader by pushing the boundaries of research and development, stepping out as the first company to deliver “Made for iPhone” hearing aid connectivity.

The company’s commitment to lead the way in advanced technology goes into the design and production of every Beltone hearing instrument. offering high-level sound quality in a sleek, waterproof casing and in a style that best suits the needs, personal preferences, budget, and lifestyle of each user.

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Hearing Solutions Available to You from Beltone

Sleek, compact, and lightweight Beltone designs eliminate the outdated stigma often associated with the bulky, heavy, glaringly conspicuous hearing aids of the past. Though they come in small packages, they offer powerful performance that produces sharp, crisp sound and greater speech clarity regardless of the environment.

Beltone hearing aids feature innovative technologies like rechargeable batteries, direct audio streaming to both iOS and Android devices, optimal speech clarity, reduced wind noise, the capacity to choose what sounds you want to hear, and more natural sound.

Connectivity allows you to stream phone calls, music, television, and more, but you can also provide feedback about your hearing aid experience and receive the technical support and other help you need from a hearing aid specialist no matter where you are.

Patient-Focused Hearing Aid Repair at Flex Audiology

Beltone hearing aids provide an advanced hearing solution for those who need some extra help to hear better, which is why individuals who use Beltone hearing aids can find the support they need from Flex Audiology, like troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of their hearing instrument as well as those from various manufacturers, like Kirkland, NuEar, Audibel, and more.

One of the many advantages of trusting your hearing care to our professional audiologists is the personalized care, support, and encouragement our doctors and hearing aid technicians provide; services you’re not apt to have available if you purchase your device from a hearing aid dispenser, online, or over the counter in a big box store.

If you, or a loved one, has a hearing challenge or you need some help from one of our hearing aid technicians, contact the most trusted hearing care leader in Lawrenceburg, IN using the adjacent form.


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