Hannah Moul

Hannah Moul, Patient Care Coordinator at Flex Audiology
Patient Care Coordinator

Hannah grew up in West Harrison and attended Oldenburg Academy and the University of Cincinnati. She found herself drawn to the world of hearing care because of the positive impact it has on others’ lives. Hannah considers giving the gift of hearing “incredible,” and she is thrilled to work at Flex Audiology in such a life-changing environment.

As our patient care coordinator, Hannah’s responsibilities include scheduling patients, answering phone calls, posting billing statements, and working with the patients and providers to ensure the patients receive the best care possible.

Hannah’s favorite aspect of her work is the positive impact it has on the patients. Oftentimes, patients will arrive at the clinic with a smile and talk to her as if she is a part of their family. This completely brightens Hannah’s day!

When she’s not working, Hannah enjoys spending time with her significant other and her dog.


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