Stella, Office Dog at Flex Audiology

As the runt of the litter, Stella may be small in size, but that doesn’t stop her from living a pawsome life!

Stella is a miniature schnauzer who loves spending time outdoors. Whether she’s visiting her litter mate at Grandma’s house or outrunning the kids in the yard, her enthusiasm and joy is truly contagious.

At Flex Audiology, Stella takes her job as pawologist very seriously … well, that’s when she’s not indulging in an afternoon snooze in her bed. After all that play, Stella likes to sleep, but she also is happy to welcome patients to the office and make them feel at home.

Although she might seem a bit shy at first, after a good sniff of your hand, Stella enjoys being petted and pampered – you’ve now got a new best friend!


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