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I'm often asked if hearing loss can be reversed. The answer may surprise you

Hi everyone and welcome to an episode of the Flex Audiology Show. I’m Dr. Erica Person, coming to you today from our Harrison location.

Today, we will talk about whether hearing loss is reversible and possible treatment options, as well as showcase a local restaurant here in Harrison, OH. So, stay tuned for that!

Hearing loss is an increasingly common health issue that can lead to severe consequences if left untreated. From developmental delays in infants to isolation in adults, the effects of hearing loss can be devastating and far-reaching.

But it’s not all gloom and doom; there is hope: hearing loss is often treatable and can even be reversible in some cases.

Let’s start with the most crucial aspect: diagnosing hearing loss. Before beginning any treatment, we must first gather all the information we can.

Different Types of Hearing Loss Require Different Treatments

When treating hearing loss, the first course of action is to determine which of the two types of hearing loss a person has. Once we’ve confirmed that, we can develop a plan that will either reverse the hearing loss or manage it to the point of getting you back to normal life.

Hearing loss can take many forms, but the two most common are conductive and sensorineural.

Conductive Hearing Loss

This is caused when sound is not properly conducted through the outer or middle ear, while sensorineural hearing loss is caused due to damage to the inner ear or auditory nerve.

Conductive hearing loss is often treatable with surgery, medication, or a hearing aid.

Here are a few causes of conductive hearing loss:

  • Allergies (especially here in the Ohio Valley)
  • Damage to small inner bones
  • Excess earwax
  • Ear infections

We have many options to treat conductive hearing loss that go well beyond hearing aids. In these cases, we exhaust all our options before making the jump to hearing aids as treatment.

Medication may also be used to treat certain types of hearing loss, such as those caused by ear infections or allergies.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss is a permanent condition that may be managed with a hearing aid. A hearing aid is the most commonly used treatment for both types of hearing loss.

But, in the case of sensorineural hearing loss, we look to hearing aids as the first line of defense to restore hearing as soon as possible. In some cases, hearing aids can help to improve existing hearing by amplifying sound signals in both ears.

This can help reduce the effects of hearing loss and improve a person’s hearing ability.

If hearing aids are still not working, we can upgrade to cochlear implants. While I do not perform the surgery myself, I do all the prep to ensure that you and your surgeon are fully prepared and that the procedure will be successful.

Local Spotlight – Chandler’s Burger Bistro

Making the trip to Harrison gave me the perfect opportunity to check out some places that were recommended to me by you guys!

One place that kept coming up was Chandler’s Burger Bistro.

I tend to struggle a bit with background noise. I had been warned that Chandler’s can be quite noisy, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was mid-afternoon on a Friday, and it was absolutely fine, though things may change during the dinner rush.

The Food

I’ll have no problem returning, as the food was incredible and bursting with flavor.

We started with a Chef Burger and fries, and just as expected, they were out of this world! I think next time I’ll prepare myself for the Nati Melt, which is a burger made with two grilled cheese sandwiches as the bun!

My husband ordered hot wings; as you all know, he loves his wings – there’s plenty of evidence in our other restaurant reviews.

He said these wings stood out because they were less fried and had a wonderful and deep smoky flavor to them. They also have more than ten wing sauces to choose from that aren’t your typical mild, medium, or hot that so many other places offer.



The mood is light, and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. At first, I was taken aback by how dark it was inside. It seems the windows are tinted, so there is a noticeable absence of natural light during the day.

However, spirits were high, and everyone in there was clearly in a cheerful mood. Again, I will have to go back during evening hours to see how active this place is, as it does give off some “bar vibes.”

During my visit, it was very family-friendly, and the menu even had boneless wings (otherwise known as chicken nuggets, strips, or fingers), so kids are not out of place at all.

Where Should We Try Next?

If you know of any other places worth mentioning, please contact me right away. I’m always ready to conduct some field research on the best restaurants in our amazing area!

Check them out on Facebook, here.

You can find them at:

10533 Harrison Ave.
Harrison, OH 45030
(513) 202-0439

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Dr. Person Au.D, CCC-A

Dr. Person has been a private practice owner since 2005. She currently specializes in hearing aids, tinnitus management and vestibular diagnostics, while operating in an unbundled service delivery model. Dr. Person is the host of The Unbundled Audiologist podcast. She serves as the incoming VP of Audiology for ISHA for a three year term. Her greatest accomplishment is creating a life where she can serve others while still spending quality time with her husband and two small children.