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02/24/2023 | Flex Audiology Show, Hearing Loss, Patient Resources

It is essential to recognize the signs of hearing loss on one side and seek appropriate medical treatment to determine the cause and the best possible treatment.

Why can single-sided hearing loss occur?

Single-sided hearing loss is a type of hearing impairment where an individual’s hearing is impaired in one ear but not the other. This type of hearing loss can occur due to a medical issue such as a tumor, genetic and environmental factors, or damage to the ear or its structures.

1. Medical Causes of Single-Sided Hearing Loss:

Medical causes of single-sided hearing loss are the most common and include conditions such as a tumor or a congenital disability that impacts only one ear. However, other medical conditions such as Meniere’s disease, otosclerosis, otitis media, and acoustic neuroma can also cause single-sided hearing loss. These medical causes can result in a hearing loss or impairment on one side but not the other, depending on which ear is affected.

2. Genetic Causes of Single-Sided Hearing Loss:

Genetics can also be a cause of single-sided hearing loss. For example, Usher Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, can bring about the gradual onset of hearing loss on one side and gradual vision loss. Other genetic causes like Waardenburg Syndrome can result in chromosomal abnormalities that lead to one-sided hearing loss.

3. Environmental Causes of Single-Sided Hearing Loss:

Finally, there are environmental causes for single-sided hearing loss. The most common environmental cause is long-term exposure to loud sounds, like those environments found in factories and construction sites, that can damage the hearing of the individual in the affected ear. Additional environmental causes can include an illness such as mumps that can inflame the hearing nerve on one side or physical trauma to the ear, like a tear in the eardrum.

In conclusion, single-sided hearing loss can be caused by many different medical, genetic, or environmental factors. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the signs of hearing loss on one side and seek appropriate medical treatment to determine the cause and the best possible treatment.

Market Street Grill

Onto the restaurant we are highlighting this month, a hidden gem in downtown Harrison – Market street grill!

I am a massive fan of this beautiful place and love recommending this to our patients. They have a fantastic selection of food and drink, and a couple of my favorites are the steak and the calamari, which are stunning!

I highly recommend it if you haven’t heard of or visited this fantastic establishment. Likewise, if you know of any places I may not have tried, give me a shout!

Market Street Grill calamari
Market Street Grill seafood skewer

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