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Pediatric Audiology


Hearing Testing

Being told your child needs a hearing test or failed a hearing screening can be a scary event. Not too long ago, Dr. Erica, Au.D went through this very same thing with her then 18 month old son. At that time, there were no audiologists in Dearborn County that had pediatric hearing testing. Once she realized that she would have to drive an hour to get services, she decided to add pediatric audiology to her practice. Flex Audiology now offers basic hearing testing for newborn to 18 years of age.

There are a variety of tests that can be performed such as Otoacoustic emissions, Tympanometry, Play Audiometry and comprehensive diagnostic testing. Please read this article for more information regarding the types of test(s) we perform.

Treatment Options

Hearing Aids are one treatment option that Flex Audiology can provide for children with hearing loss from birth to 18 years old. Parents are normally surprised that hearing aids for children are fit much the same way as for adults! For really young children the hearing aids are programmed using test box measures that simulate their little ears and ensures an appropriate fit. For older children, the hearing aids are programmed using Real Ear Measurements. Pediatric hearing aids come in a variety of fun colors!

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