Pricing Plans

Allowing You to Access What You Need Without Paying For What You Don’t

Nobody wants to pay for things that they do not need, yet hearing care has traditionally created bundled packages which means that you often end up paying for services and appointments that you need need, nor utilize.

At Flex Audiology, we prefer a much fairer unbundled approach.

This is where you only pay for what you need by choosing your level of technology and then either paying out-of-pocket for ongoing support/care. Or you can enroll in our Continued Care & Coverage Plan, which offers two payment options, an annual fee or a small monthly fee.

FLEX Hearing Packages

Continued Care and Coverage Plan

$395/year or $39/month

Nobody should ever have to go on the journey to better hearing alone, that’s why our “Continued Care & Coverage Plan” allows you to have the continued support from a Doctor of Audiology who “has got your back” – no matter what happens in the world, you will remain the center of ours as you receive full support and ongoing care.

  • A dedicated hearing care expert whenever you need them
  • Comprehensive annual consultation including updated hearing assessment, any required adjustments, and a multi-point preventative maintenance evaluation
  • Professional hearing aid cleaning and maintenance appointment
  • Two tele-audiology appointments (when required)
  • Annual hearing aid reprogramming/software updates
  • Hearing aid supplies (batteries, domes, & wax filters)
Didn’t purchase your device from us? You can still utilize our “Continued Care & Coverage Plan” to receive your ongoing care and support

Looking for a Better Price?

If you’re open to exploring technology that is either a generation behind, or that is approved-used (worn by somebody else for a short amount of time that has been comprehensively refurbished), then you can make some significant savings.

Our objective is to minimize any barriers that stand between somebody addressing their hearing challenges, and we’re always looking for ways to find solutions.

If the above packages don’t suit your budget, then please complete this form to let us know specifically what you’re looking for and where your budget sits, we’ll then contact you to discuss your options.

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