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Tinnitus, a continuous ringing, buzzing, or hissing sound in your ears, affects about 75 percent of Americans in some form.

Most experience the symptoms temporarily after being in a noisy stadium, attending a loud concert, enjoying a night in the club, or being near an explosive event.

Those with chronic or ongoing symptoms can find it difficult to concentrate while working or studying, struggle to relax, or find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Though tinnitus does not cause you to lose your hearing, it is often a warning sign or symptom of damage to your hearing and mild to severe hearing loss.

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What Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a neurological condition with an unknown cause. Most people are barely aware of tinnitus in its early stages, but as the sound intensifies, so does their awareness. Increased awareness leads to stress, loss of sleep, and decreased productivity.

Stress tends to increase the person’s sensitivity to the sound, increasing the level of stress and creating a snowball effect. When tinnitus reaches a level that disrupts concentration or makes it impossible to relax or sleep, it becomes a debilitating condition that requires effective tinnitus management.

Evaluating Your Tinnitus

An evaluation of tinnitus begins with a questionnaire to determine when you first noticed the condition, potential causes (exposure to loud noise, medications, medical conditions, etc), and how tinnitus is affecting your overall well-being. Following the questionnaire, your audiologist will conduct a hearing test to determine if there is hearing loss associated with your condition.

During the hearing test, your audiologist may perform a separate evaluation called tinnitus matching. Tinnitus matching involves playing common tinnitus sounds to determine the pitch and intensity of your tinnitus.

Your Tinnitus Is Manageable

If you’ve sought relief from your tinnitus apart from the care of an audiologist, it is likely that you have seen products that claim to cure tinnitus. Stay clear of these products and those selling them, because they will take your money but provide no measurable results or tinnitus management.

How Flex Audiology Treats Tinnitus

As a leading tinnitus specialist in Lawrenceburg, IN, and serving the Harrison, OH, area, Flex Audiology uses a variety of strategies, including maskers and hearing aids, to manage tinnitus effectively. Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are other key methods we employ in our tinnitus clinic to help you adapt to and cope with your condition.


Schedule A Tinnitus Evaluation

Searching for a “tinnitus specialist near me” or a “ringing in the ear doctor” in Lawrenceburg, IN? Look no further than Flex Audiology. There are many products with unsubstantiated claims to cure tinnitus; however, it is best to ignore the latest tinnitus-curing gadget or remedy and seek the help of a professional audiologist.

To take advantage of our expertise in tinnitus treatment, submit our Schedule a Tinnitus Assessment form and be sure to mention that you’re struggling with tinnitus. Dr. Person will call you to schedule an assessment and start you down the path of tinnitus relief.

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