Workers Appointments

Helping Busy Working People to Access Convenient, Affordable and Flexible Hearing Care

If you work 8-5, live a busy lifestyle and/or find yourself regularly travelling, then most hearing care clinics are often inconvenient.

With a requirement to attend multiple hour-long appointments, regular 90-day follow-ups, and take hours (if not days) away from your busy life to have routine check-ups and cleanings, it can result in the pursuit of better hearing actually causing more frustration to your day-to-day life.

If you’re like most busy working people, you want to achieve better hearing around your convenience, around your schedule and have your audiologist work smart to allow you to achieve your desired outcomes.

If this sounds like you, then our ‘Workers Appointments’ are for you.

Built specifically for busy people that want convenient advanced hearing care, these appointments are aimed at minimizing the time you spend in our office, and maximizing the time you spend enjoying the benefits of better hearing.

How Does It Work?

Initial 15-Minute Screening Appointment [Remote]

To maximize your productivity and minimize the time you spend in our office, the process begins with an initial 15-minute screening appointment that can be conducted on either a video or voice call. The purpose of this appointment is to understand what you’re looking to achieve, where you are on your journey and ensure we’re fully prepared for your in-person appointment.

90-Minute Evaluation & Fitting [In-Person]

While we’re together in-person, the aim is to do absolutely everything in our power to maximize every minute that you’re in our office. This starts with an advanced hearing evaluation to assess your overall hearing health, understand your level of hearing loss and introduce you to your options. In most cases (depending on your needs), you’ll be able to be fitted with brand new hearing technology at the same appointment, and you’ll be able to walk away with an immediate improvement to your hearing.

Real World Adjustments [Remote]

At a point that you’re available in the 14 days that follows your initial appointment, a remote video call will be scheduled to carry out ‘Real World Adjustments’. Following you wearing your devices in your everyday world, you’ll be asked questions to determine areas where there may be room for improvement.

Through the latest technology, your hearing devices will be immediately remote programmed to make adjustments, and ensure they’re performing at their very best for you.

Ongoing Support as Required [In-Person & Remote]

Although some people prefer a rigid schedule of appointments and hand-holding, many younger people prefer to only reach out when they have a question, a challenge or need assistance. Through this program, you’ll be able contact us as you require help where we’ll do all we can to support you and answer any questions remotely. In the situations that you need a little more help, a cleaning or if your device requires some attention, then you’ll be scheduled to visit us at a convenient date/time.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 - What’s The Investment?

The investment depends on the level of technology that is mutually decided is right for you. With transparency being a core part of our DNA, you can find details of our pricing plans by clicking here.

#2 - How Long Does The Ongoing Support Last For?

The unlimited ongoing support lasts for 60 days from purchasing your hearing technology. Following this, there two options. You can either pay for an extended care plan or pay al la carte.

#3 - Can I Purchase This On Behalf of a Loved One?

If you have an elderly relative that is not mobile and you’re able to support them, then this is a good option for you. It will require the initial appointment to be in person, but we’ll do all we can in on our power to minimize any needless face-to-face appointments for your convenience.


Schedule Initial ‘Workers Appointment’

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You’ll then receive a phone call from us to confirm a convenient date and time for your visit where your hearing will be comprehensively evaluated and if a hearing loss is discovered, you’ll be introduced to your options, striving for ultimate convenience and efficiency.

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