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Your Ears Can be Damaged by The Common Cold

A study by The American Lung Association states that the typical adult gets up to four colds a year.  Whether the virus attacks the sinuses, throat or respiratory system, it can lead to ear congestion, and eventually, an ear infection.  Pain is a hint that your cold is moving in the wrong direction and can be evidence of inflammation or infection.  It can result in eardrum scaring and may harm the hearing organ if neglected.  It’s necessary to get your ear examined if you had any pain over the course of your cold or are still experiencing trouble hearing after your cold is gone.  A professional exam can tell you whether:

  • There is any affect on your inner ear
  • There is damage to the eardrum that needs to be dealt with
  • You have an infection now

Ear pain or chronic hearing loss are sure signs that you should see an audiologist.

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