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Our goal is always to find the most appropriate solution for your hearing loss, life style and budget (see pricing). As an independent practice, we work with several leading manufacturers of hearing devices that suit a variety of needs and budgets. We understand that every patient is different and will work with you to develop a plan supported by the right devices to make your hearing the best that it can be.

We support patients of all ages. If you, a friend or a family member are having trouble hearing conversations, TV programs, or movies, we'd be happy to schedule a hearing assessment so you or they can begin to enjoy better hearing.

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Early treatment is the most effective treatment.

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Why Choose Flex Audiology For Your Hearing Needs?

We offer an unbundled hearing aid pricing model to help make treatment solutions attainable and affordable.

The world is noisy and therefore it makes sense to test your hearing in noise to better understand how your brain processes sound.

We provide Real Ear Measurement (REM) to ensure optimal sound quality from any treatment device.

We have a Doctor of Audiology who is trained in diagnosing hearing and balance disorders as well as specializing in the fitting of hearing aids.

Flex Audiology is locally owned and operated which means we're here to stay! Our office hours are 8am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Visits before and after regular business hours by appointment only.

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Flex Audiology Lawrenceburg

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